Microneedling by Trusted Care Aesthetics

Microneedling stimulates collagen production and effectively tackles fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and melasma while improving skin elasticity. Designed to rejuvenate the skin on your face, neck, back, abdomen, and other areas. Need quick results for an event? Experience our unique Glow Tox, which combines microneedling with Botox for a tightened, revitalized appearance.

Microneedling | Trusted Care Aesthetics | Ft. Pierce | Florida
Microneedling | Trusted Care Aesthetics | Ft. Pierce | Florida

Microneedling by Trusted Care Aesthetics

Microneedling stimulates collagen production and effectively tackles fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and melasma while improving skin elasticity. Designed to rejuvenate the skin on your face, neck, back, abdomen, and other areas. Need quick results for an event? Experience our unique Glow Tox, which combines microneedling with Botox for a tightened, revitalized appearance.

Morpheus 8 | Trusted Care Aesthetics | Ft. Pierce | Florida

Morpheus 8 by Trusted Care Aesthetics



Morpheus 8 Body uses radio frequency microneedling to disrupt the cells and cause the body’s natural healing process to kick in, stimulating new collagen production. As new cells grow, the skin heals and leaves the top layer of skin looking brighter, smoother, and tighter.

This is great for improving the appearance of stretch marks, post-surgical scarring, laxity, and crepey skin.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is SkinPen Microneedling?

SkinPen is the only microneedling device authorized by the FDA. Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation technique that helps reduce the appearance of aging, acne scarring, and aging skin.

How does SkinPen work?

The controlled micro-injuries caused by the SkinPen microneedling device stimulate the body’s natural wound-healing process. Micro-injuries induce the release of hormones and growth factors, which result in the reconstruction of tissue and the production of new collagen and elastin.

Am I a suitable candidate for SkinPen Microneedling treatments?

SkinPen is suitable for all ages and skin types of patients. It is recommended to have a face-to-face consultation to determine if this treatment is a good fit for your skin and ultimate goals.

Who is not a candidate for SkinPen?

Individuals with active facial infections, eczema, psoriasis, and atrophic scarring from chickenpox. In addition, individuals with open lesions should not utilize skinpen microneedling. This is because it can lead to additional complications, such as infection and worsening of the incision or sore. Skinpen is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

How many sessions are needed?

For best results, we recommend scheduling three to five microneedling sessions, each one four weeks apart. The total number of treatments required is highly variable and will be based on your skin goals and your skin’s current health. Your treatment plan is completely customizable and can be determined at your complimentary consultation.

How long will it take for me to see the results?

Patients may immediately observe healthier-looking skin. However, your skin’s natural repair process continues to progress over the course of several weeks. Damage sustained over an extended period of time will not vanish immediately.

Morpheus 8

What is Morpheus8 Microneedling?

Morpheus8 Microneedling uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to treat the skin. Specifically, it’s a Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD) that uses RF to gently heat targeted skin. The device allows the Morpheus8 microneedles to penetrate the skin at different depths. This method creates microscopic lesions, which immediately stimulate your skin to grow new collagen and strengthen elastin leading to firmer skin.

The Morpheus8 is a maneuverable workstation that comes with two interchangeable hand-held devices that deliver treatment to specific regions of your face or to larger areas of your body. One device contains numerous interchangeable microneedling tips that can target smaller areas and the other attachable device focuses on delivering 3D burst technology to areas of the body that require wide or deeper epidermis treatment. The programable settings can be adjusted to meet all skin types and conditions. The innovative and modular Morpheus8 effectively treats acne scars, pigmentation, age wrinkles, and other skin issues. Most importantly, Morpheus8 Microneedling delivers longer-lasting results that are usually noticeable after your first treatment.

What conditions does Morpheus8 treat?
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Morpheus8 effectively smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more youthful skin appearance.
  • Acne Scars: Another Morpheus8 result is the softening of acne scars. The needles can help to break down scar tissue, while additional collagen can help restore collagen lost during the initial healing process.
  • Sagging Skin: One of the primary Morpheus8 benefits is its ability to tighten sagging skin. This can be particularly useful in areas like the jowls, the neck, or under the eyes.
  • Sun Damage and Skin Texture: This treatment helps improve the overall skin texture and reduces the effects of sun damage, restoring a more even and radiant skin tone.
  • Large Pores: Morpheus8 can help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, leading to a more refined skin surface.
  • Stretch Marks: While typically challenging to treat, stretch marks can be visibly reduced with Morpheus8, thanks to its deep skin remodeling capability.
Who is a good candidate from Morpheus8?

In general, non-surgical skin treatments such as Morpheus8 work best if you have visible signs of aging, scarring, or other skin conditions. Morpheus8 is also an excellent option for patients who are just starting to see the first signs of fine lines or wrinkles and want to start a Morpheus8 regimen to address skin concerns and prevent more invasive procedures in the future. Since Morpheus8 is a non-invasive treatment performed in our medspa, it is more suitable for a range of patients than traditional plastic surgery. It is best to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if Morpheus8 is the treatment for you.

What makes Morpheus8 different from traditional microneedling?

Morpheus8 is an advanced version of microneedling; it combines the technology of radiofrequency with microneedling. Instead of using a device containing microneedles rolled over your skin, the Morpheus8 device uses RF-induced microneedles to make tiny punctures in your skin in more specific, pinpointed areas. Depending on the skin condition being treated, the Morpheus8 specialist can adjust microneedles on the handheld device to deliver the proper depth for customized treatment.


Traditional microneedling depends on an aesthetician’s microneedling technique and does not have the RF technology that provides a deeper therapeutic experience. The flexibility of Morpheus8 also allows successful treatment in challenging areas such as on the hands, chin, and neck regions.

How long before I see results from Morpheus8?

After this treatment, many people notice some skin tightening right away, which increases as more collagen is produced in the area. Other Morpheus8 results like improved skin texture, reduced appearance of wrinkles, and enhanced skin firmness can take longer to appear. You can anticipate improvements over the following weeks as the skin continues to heal and rejuvenate.

How often should I get Morpheus8?

The frequency of Morpheus8 treatments is best determined on an individual basis, but generally, a series of three to four treatments spaced about four to six weeks apart is recommended. We will recommend a treatment plan based on your specific skin concerns and desired outcomes. Ongoing maintenance treatments may be suggested to prolong and enhance the results.

What happens at my first Morpheus8 treatment appointment?

Morpheus8 begins with an appointment to talk about what you are looking for from cosmetic treatments. We’ll talk through our recommendations and get your health history and a history of any recent treatments. Then we’ll design a treatment plan based on what we’ve learned.

On the day of the treatment, the targeted area is cleansed, and a topical numbing cream may be applied. The Morpheus8 device, with its fine needles and radiofrequency technology, is then expertly used on the skin. Once the whole area has been treated, we often apply products to help nourish and protect the skin.

Post Treatment & Recovery FAQs

Microneedling Recovery FAQ

Each patient will have a unique timetable for recovery. Typical symptoms include minor swelling and redness/pinkness (similar to a mild sunburn) for one to two days. Minor peeling can be expected. Some individuals may have full recovery in just one day.

Morpheus 8 Recovery FAQ

After your Morpheus8 session, post-treatment care includes keeping the skin clean and moisturized.

Post-treatment downtime following Morpheus8 is minimal. Patients may experience mild redness and swelling for a few days, but these effects typically subside quickly. Most individuals can resume their normal activities shortly after the treatment.

You will want to avoid direct sun exposure and use a high-SPF sunscreen to protect the treated areas. You may be advised to avoid strenuous exercise and not wear makeup for a short period post-treatment to facilitate optimal healing and results.